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Meet the Photographer

Hi, my name is Alli, and I'm the face behind the camera! Originally from Massachusetts, now in sunny Florida! I've been a portrait photographer for about 3 years now, however,  I am no stranger to the lens. I started my career in front of the camera as a model many years ago and fell in love with photography. The lighting, angles, and framing of what the camera see's. Every individual moment we experience, only happens once! Why not capture as much as we can! There's a quote that has always really stuck out to me..."Be the change that you wish to see in the world".  Well, I want others to see the world as I do. Beautiful and limitless. What better way than to capture moments and share them with all of you. Lets make some memories together! 

- Alli Embers 


What Clients Are Saying

"Alli is a super professional quality photographer. She takes her time to capture the perfect moment and makes all her subjects feel confident and comfortable. I highly recommend her for all your photo needs from family to modeling and everything in between."

The Kelly Family

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